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About Us

Plus1Home Overseas Investments specializes in sourcing high yield retail properties in the UK and residential properties in Canada, to meet the investment objectives of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Together with our network partners in HK, UK and Canada, we offer comprehensive support and professional advice to our clients that are needed for investing in overseas properties.


Local Property Agent

Responsible for negotiating with sellers, assisting buyers in bidding and striving for the best transaction price. When the buyer and seller agree to the transaction, the local estate agent will follow up the entire transaction process, including contacting relevant professionals to provide services to the buyer until the transaction is completed.


Mortgage Bank / Broker

Provide mortgage services or mortgage referral services to buyers. Mortgage brokers generally look for the most suitable mortgage products on the market for buyers to choose. Mortgage rates and amounts vary by buyer and property.



Buyers must appoint a local licensed attorney to handle legal matters related to the purchase of the property. The services provided by lawyers include, but are not limited to, reviewing property deeds, sales and purchase contracts, managing deposits,


Surveyor Designer Refurbishing Company

Surveyors can provide different surveying services for properties, including property structure and property value, allowing buyers to accurately understand the overall condition of the property before closing the deal. If the property situation does not match the description of the seller, the buyer can decide whether to cancel the transaction depending on the seriousness.
Designers and decoration companies can provide design and decoration services for customer properties after the property is sold.


Tax Advisor / Accountant

Tax advisor provide buyers with tax advice and information, such as how to hold the property to reduce tax expenses, but this will vary depending on individual circumstances. Accountants can assist clients with tax filing and accounting services.


Migration Consultant

If clients need professional assistance with immigration matters, experienced immigration consultants can provide related services.

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